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Reduce the Battle to Get Kids’ Teeth Brushed

Going to a dentist office that caters to children, like Cool Kids Dentistry of Irving and several other practices, can actually have a positive effect on not only the child’s perception of the dentist but also that child’s interest in and compliance with good dental hygiene practices.Reduce Stress by Regaining Proper Perspective

Have you ever been told, Youre making a mountain out of a molehill? It tends to happen to all of us. When pressure mounts or things dont go as planned, perspective can become distorted.Recyle Your Old Computer and Sustain The Planet

If you have an old computer or electronic device that you no longer need or use and you aren’t quite sure what to do with it, you should consider the option to recycle it. Recycling your electronics cannot be done in your standard recycling bin; those typically allow paper, plastics, and certain metals exclusively, but you can find an NJ computer recycling facility for its proper disposal.Recycling Scrap Metals Pays in Many Ways

When it comes to scrap metal recycling in Land O Lakes, FL, one of the best decisions you can make for your own personal finances or for that of your company is to get involved in making sure that none of your scrap metal goes into the landfill.Recycling Metal Can Be Profitable!

We’ve all seen properties that are littered with aging, dead cars. Much more than an eyesore, a decaying car can quickly become cash if recycled. When you recycle a vehicle, you can make up to $500 per vehicle.Recycling for Money

Recycling metal can be profitable. When you recycle metal, the kind of metal and the weight of the metal are two of the major factors that determine how much your unused metals are worth.Recycling E-Waste: What You Need to Know

Technology is an ever-evolving, constantly changing thing. The chances are good that once you purchase electronic equipment, the company will soon release a newer, better, faster version of the product. Our constant, continual purchases of electronics have created an interesting dilemma: What happens to old electronics after their owners have moved on to the latest and greatest items?Recycling 101: Major Ways Recycling Helps Our Planet Stay Green

Today, most people know that recycling is an important part of keeping this planet green, beautiful, and sustainable. If you were to ask any random person you’d find on the street why recycling is important, most likely they’d be able to give you a fairly solid answer. However, when pressed for details, many people actually draw a blank.Recycle Electronics in Your Community

As our technology is always improving, its difficult to know what to do with your outdated technology. Some people have taken to a practical approach where they keep their old computers and smartphones around just in case someone needs them at some point.Recreational Therapy for People with Disabilities

Learning and developmental disabilities affect a large number of children and adults around the country today. Despite how prevalent they are, there is much that is still unknown, and parents or relatives of a person with disabilities can feel overwhelmed and unsure how to help.Recovery Tips After Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery might be a great option for you. If you are considering it, there are important things to know about what you should do prior to as well as after your surgery.Recovery and Rehabilitation in Nursing Homes

The common association many people have with the term “nursing home” is elderly care, specifically for those who have reached the point in their lives where they will no longer be able to care for themselves again.Recovering from a Sports Injury

Athletic injuries don’t just affect professional athletes. Anyone can be injured jogging, hiking, or performing any other athletic activity. These injuries can range from pulled muscles to severe damage to your joints and ligaments. Any athletic injury should be seen by a doctor, because the longer you let it go, the worse it will get.Reconstructive Surgeries Performed by Plastic Surgeons

Surgeons such asEdward M Salgado MD Facs. can provide many different plastic surgery procedures. But what many people fail to realize, is that plastic surgeons also do numerous reconstructive surgery procedures to help those who have suffered injuries, disfiguring surgeries, or who have been born with birth defects or developmental disorders.Receiving Care from a Chiropractor

Don’t let a sore back stop you fromleading a happy life. You don’t have to wait out back pain to see if it will go away on its own. You can get some help from a professional chiropractor at a center likeAdvanced Integrative Health Center.Receive Senior Care in Your Home

If you yourself need help or have an elderly-aged loved one that needs extra assistance and care, you should consider options for senior care in Portland and the surrounding area that can provide the services you require.Receive Complete and Accurate Transcription Services

Long before written word, our ancestors used dialog to tell stories and to keep their history. Over the course of time, transcription technologies evolved from paper and pen to computer data collection.Reasons Your Dog Needs Dog Training

Do you have a naughty dog that needs a bit of refining to be a happy member of your family? People care a lot for their pets. However, sometimes it can be hard when your dog has some habits that might get on your nerves a bit.Reasons You Want to Work with a Real Estate Attorney

You do not have to be a major corporation buying or leasing commercial property to benefit from a real estate attorney in Austin. Every day, would-be home buyers are hiring legal professionals to help them work through real estate transactions. The fact is that buying a home is very exciting, but it can also be fraught with challenges, even if you do work with an experienced real estate agent. But you will have the greatest anonymous benefit when you add a real estate lawyer to your legal team.Reasons You Want to Work with a Real Estate Attorney

You do not have to be a major corporation buying or leasing commercial property to benefit from a real estate attorney in Austin. Every day, would-be home buyers are hiring legal professionals to help them work through real estate transactions. The fact is that buying a home is very exciting, but it can also be fraught with challenges, even if you do work with an experienced real estate agent. But you will have the greatest benefit when you add a real estate lawyer to your legal team.Reasons You Should Call an Electrician

Electricity is one of those things that should be left to a professional. There are so many safety concerns for you and your family when adjusting or changing electrical items in a home.Reasons You Need a White Collar Crime Attorney

If you have had the unfortunate experience of getting caught up in a crime that is considered white collar, then you might be under the impression that you do not really need a lawyer to help you. A lot of people mistakenly think that all the big crimes are blue collar, making the other side of things more minor and easier to skate around. This could not be further from the truth.Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Preschool

If you have a young child, you may be considering putting him or her in a preschool program. Though it can be difficult for your child to be away from you at such a young age, there are several ways in which a child benefits by attending preschool. Here are a few ways that finding the right preschool in Corona can benefit your child.Reasons Why You Should Call a Landscape Company

The landscape is the first thing people notice both in homes and businesses. While trees, flowers, grass, and shrubbery can all create a beautiful ambience, they can also be difficult to maintain. Weeding, raking, and mowing all take a lot of time.Reasons to Xeriscape

Many people in the southwestern United States enjoy the beauty of their desert climate. Unfortunately, a desert climate doesnt produce yards full of lush green grass and tropical plants without a lot of water and a lot of maintenance. Many homeowners have considered simplifying their yard work by incorporating Xeriscape landscaping in Reno.Reasons to Work with Realtors to List Your Home

Making the decision to sell your home is a huge decision. After making this decision, you also need to decide what Realtor to hire. Many people think that selling a home is easy to do on their own.Reasons to Wear Licensed Alabama Apparel

Theres nothing wrong with showing some school pride or showing people what a big Alabama fan you are through your apparel. Whether you attended the University of Alabama, have a child attending, or you are a current student, there are lots of reasons to incorporate some true Alabama spirit into your wardrobe and your daily life.Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room

One of the most important parts of your medical care is the doctors that you see. It is critical that you find someone that is trained in the area you need, and that you are comfortable working with them. You want to be able to consult together on treatment options. It is essential that you understand procedures and protocol when approaching any health issues. The office or hospital that your doctor works at is something you should consider as well.Reasons to Visit a Cosmetic Dentist

Some people choose to visit a cosmetic dentist in Yucca Valley purely for aesthetic reasons. After all, who wouldn’t want an attractive smile? However, this isn’t the only reason to visit a cosmetic dentist.Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor

Whether you are experiencing back pain or having other health issues that don’t seem to resolve, you may want to see a chiropractor for an assessment.&laquo[59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67][68][69]&raquo

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Bride Spends 8 Months and $70 Crocheting sims urban anonymous oasis by guocoland Her Own Wedding GownAbbey Ramirez-Bodley knew she wanted a vintage-style wedding gown for her Oct. 27 wedding, but she wasnt able to find one she loved within her budget.I looked and looked and looked and the ones I liked were outrageously expensive, the 22-year-old newlywed from Tulsa, Okla., told ABC News.Thats

TPG Real Estate Partners II Closes With Over $2 Billion of Commitments

NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TPG Real Estate (TPGRE), TPGs dedicated real estate investment platform, announced today the completion of fundraising for TPG Real Estate Partners II (TREP II). TREP II secured over $2 billion of equity commitments, exceeding the funds objective. Investors in TREP II include leading public and private pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, and other institutional investors.

We are proud to have reached this milestone and are appreciative of the continued support from our global investor partners, said Kelvin Davis, Founder and Co-Head of TPGRE. Our success attracting support from new and existing investors is reflective of our talented team of professionals, our proven track record, and the distinctive nature of our investment strategy. Building on our growth over the past six years, we are looking forward to investing the fund successfully.

TREP II will continue to browse around this site implement our differentiated investment strategy focused on real estate platforms and property-rich companies that leverages our broader capabilities to optimize property performance and enhance platform capabilities, said Avi Banyasz, Partner at TPG and Co-Head of TPGRE.

TPGRE benefits from the intellectual capital, relationships, specialized capabilities, and infrastructure of TPG, which has approximately $75 billion of assets under management. TPGRE is comprised of TPG Real Estate Partners (TREP), the equity investment platform, and TPG Real Estate Finance Trust, the debt origination and acquisition platform. With approximately 35 investment professionals based in TPGs New York, San Francisco, and London offices, these platforms manage over $6 billion in assets across TPGRE and other TPG-sponsored vehicles.

Exceeding the target for TREP II is a testament to the momentum of both the real estate team and TPG, said TPG Co-Founder Jim Coulter. TPGREs success over the past six years reflects our ability to expand our platform and deliver value to our investors in new and innovative ways.

TREP has successfully invested over $3 billion of equity in both residential properties and approximately 1,100 commercial real estate assets in diversified North American and European markets. Select investments include Catellus Development Corporation, Enlivant, Evergreen Industrial Properties, LifeStorage, MWest Properties, P3 Logistic Parks, Taylor Morrison Home Corporation (NYSE:TMHC), and the Woolgate Exchange building in the City of London.

About TPG Real Estate

TPG Real Estate is the dedicated real estate investment platform of TPG, a leading global private investment firm with approximately $75 billion of assets under management and 17 offices around the world. TPGRE includes both TPG Real Estate Partners (TREP), the equity investment platform, and TPG Real Estate Finance Trust (TRT), the debt origination and acquisition platform. Collectively, the two platforms have in excess of $6 billion of assets under management across TPGRE and other TPG-sponsored vehicles.TREP has invested approximately $3 billion of equity in North America and Europe since 2009 and focuses primarily on investments in real estate platforms and property rich companies. TRT is a balance sheet lender that originates large, transitional, floating rate first mortgage loans and select mezzanine loans secured by all major property types in major and select secondary United States markets. For more information, please visit

Buying a Home: Hire a Real Estate Agent or Go It Alone?

For sale signs along residential street

Credit: Tom Caswell (caswell_tom on Flickr) CC by 2.0 with Attribution

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent when Buying a House

You’re in the market for a new home and wondering what is the best way to start your search. Many questions begin to arise as you begin this exciting milestone in your life, and chances are you’re probably wondering whether you should go at it alone or if you should work with a real estate agent.

Purchasing a house without a real estate agent is possible, but unless you are well-versed in the ins and outs of making real estate purchases, sprinkled with some legal expertise, you’re probably better off working with a professional. For instance, if you are not familiar with contractual law or what to look for in terms of a house’s flaws, don’t go it alone. Especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Investing in a home is a big deal, and many stresses or bumps along the journey are likely to occur. When you purchase a home, it is more complicated than other large purchases because there are several variables involved before the purchase/contract can be completed. Working with a real estate agent to guide you can help alleviate many of the issues which inevitably arise because a good one will be well-trained and is typically familiar with the region he or she is selling in. Agents are also able to pick up on potential issues and know how to effectively troubleshoot and problem-solve the ones which do arise.

Before you decide to go at it alone, it is a good idea to think about the process and all the details and determine whether or not you are up for the challenges that await you if you are considering going at it alone.

House Hunting and Bidding Process

Agents have huge, continually updated databases of homes, and they also have information which may not necessarily be listed on the Internet, such as how long the home has been on the market, and all previous sale prices. It’s helpful to know these things because it points out whether or not the house has had difficulty selling or how anxious the seller is to sell (i.e. if they’ve reduced their price several times). If you do it alone, you’ll have to work harder to find out this information and, additionally, you might be limited on your choices.

Agents are skilled at effectively bartering and helping you construct counter-offers and get the most fair and accurate buy. They can easily pull up comparative sales in order to help you determine what a fair market price is and this helps solidify and decide upon your offer. You don’t want to overpay, but you don’t want to undercut the seller either, plus if it’s “the house” of your dreams, you might be outbid by a more eager buyer. Having a good pulse on the market works to your benefit, and if you have the time and understanding, it is possible to do this portion of buying alone.

Looking at Homes

Anyone can tour a home, but an experienced real estate broker will guide you to notice not-so-obvious flaws and discrepancies you may not have seen otherwise. We looked at a number of houses we loved, but as we toured each one, our agent was constantly pointing out flaws and/or strong points that weren’t as obvious. In all honesty, some of these things we more than likely would not have noticed until after the home inspection if not for our agent (like the light green mold in one home that blended nicely in the ceiling paint she pointed out).

This would have totally wasted our time in our search if we had to start over, or worse, buying the house and finding out about its problems after it was too late. After literally looking at dozens, we were better able to determine what did and didn’t want in a house thanks to learning the ropes from our agent’s expertise.


Are you a strong negotiator and assertive in ensuring you get exactly what is being offered for a fair price? Are there problems with the house which aren’t covered by the home inspection that you want fixed? If negotiating isn’t your strong point, an agent who works on your behalf will effectively negotiate the best deal for you.

Homes in the Old Town section of Alexandria, Virginia

Credit: Leigh Goessl/All rights reserved

Residential homes in Northern Virginia


Your mortgage company will be sending an appraiser over to evaluate the property. If the property is deemed to be lower in value than your bid, you may have issues with the mortgage, especially in a market where homes are being foreclosed and/or going for lower amounts. Having gone through this process, we found our home came in significantly lower than the asking price and it impacted our ability to finance. Our agent easily navigated us through the problems on our future home and we negotiated a lower price!

Title Search and Home Inspections

An agent will more than likely make the title search and home inspection arrangements and ensure all goes smoothly. Again, this is probably something you can do on your own, but you’ll have to know how to go about hiring and remembering all the details. Many people prefer to let someone else coordinate and oversee these details to make sure all has been done in order and in its entirety. This is especially true for house-seekers moving to a new area where it is hard to assess which contractors are reliable. A good real estate agent can help ensure you hire well-known businesses with solid reputations.

Contractual Law

Again, unless you are a wiz at understanding legalese, it might be in your best interest to hire someone to assist. If not an agent, you’ll want an attorney to look over your contracts (which will cost you). A good real estate agent will work hard to ensure every detail of the contractual agreement is followed to the letter.

When purchasing a house, your real estate agent does the bulk of the leg work for you. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to do a lot of paperwork, but he or she can make things a lot easier on you. Since the seller pays the commission fees anyway, there is really nothing on the buyer’s end to lose. Looking at it from that perspective, the way I see it, there is not much of a downside to working with a professional real estate broker and it sure saves a lot of headaches along the way as you look to buy your home.

5 Ways Rich People Save Money on Real Estate Transactions | Andrew Lieb

Closing Adjustments: Sellers get repaid at the closing for all of their prepaid service contracts and supplies that they transfer to the purchasers. To do this, sellers identify each contract that they have prepaid for the carrying costs of their home. Next, sellers create a per diem cost allocation for each particular contract and multiply that cost by the days remaining on the contract on the closing date. Examples of contracts that sellers locate for adjustment purposes include: Fuel contracts such as propane and oilWater contractsReal estate town and village taxesCondominium / cooperative common / maintenance chargesPool service contractsTick and mosquito control contractsGardening contractsPest control contracts

Many also require the seller to order timely meter readings to determine the amount of the product, such as oil, that remains in the tank on the date of the closing. When all is said and done, a savvy seller recoups tens of thousands of dollars in prepayments if everything is documented and adjusted.

IRC 121: Capital gains tax is generally payable by a seller incident to the sale of a home. The top federal capital gains tax rate is 23.8%. However, homeowners who time their closing properly can avoid paying capital gains tax on the first 500,000 of gain realized at the sale from their original purchase price. Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code’s section 121, a married couple qualifies for this exemption if at least one of the two married spouses owned the home and they both used such home as their “principal residence for periods aggregating 2 years or more” over the 5 years preceding the sale date. If a seller cannot document 2 years of use, they must delay the closing accordingly. Further, a seller can only use this exemption one time every two years. In addition to the 23.8% capital gains tax, nonresident New Yorkers, estates, and trusts are liable for New York State estimated personal income tax and must withhold an additional 7.7% of the capital gain on the sale of their real estate that is located within the State pursuant to Tax Law section 663 (residents are taxed up to 7.7% on their state personal income tax returns as New York doesn’t differentiate between capital gains and ordinary income). However, where property qualifies under the Internal Revenue Code’s section 121 it is also exempt from this additional 7.7% withholding. To illustrate this savings, assuming a married couple, which is subject to the highest possible tax rate, doesn’t utilize IRC 121 in a New York real estate sale, they will pay an additional 157,500 in taxes. IRC 1031: Capital gains tax of up to 23.8% federally and another 7.7% in New York State is not subject to an exemption if the home was owned for other than a principal residence pursuant to section 121 of the Internal Revenue Code. However, section 1031 provides a means to defer the capital gains tax due for an indefinite period of time into the future and thereby compound one’s real estate purchasing power by including that unpaid tax into the available purchasing monies for the next transactions. To utilize a 1031 exchange, a seller must both exchange real estate used for “trade or business or for investment” into like-kind property under strict timing rules and have the sales proceeds held by a qualified intermediary in between the first sales transaction and the subsequent purchases. In the simplest sense, the seller must buy new property within a half of a year of the first closing date. Yet, 1031 rules are quite cumbersome and have requirements for:Deadlines to identify propertyThe means of identifying a propertyThe number of properties that can be identifiedThe price of such property

Those with vacation homes also consider a 1031 exchange as the Internal Revenue Service offers a safe harbor to qualify such homes through rules embodied in Revenue Procedure 2008-16 regardless that such vacation homes were residences at some point in their history. A 1031 exchange enables a seller to generate income on future properties through compounding pre-tax dollars. Albert Einstein described this type of compounding effect with money as “the eighth wonder of the world.”

Step-Up-In-Basis: If real estate is sold immediately after its owner’s death, no capital gains tax is due by way of a concept called a step-up-in-basis. On the death of an owner of real estate, their beneficiaries are distributed such property at the date of death valuation for that real estate pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code’s section 1014. Consequently, if the beneficiary immediately sells the property no capital gain is realized and no capital gains tax is due because the real estate’s purchase price and its sales price will be deemed the same for tax purposes. Therefore, elderly and sickly owners of real estate, who purchased such real estate at very low comparative values to its present value, are ill advised to sell such property unless they are in real need of immediate money. Sometimes it is even prudent for the intended on-death beneficiaries to gift monies to the owner when they are in need of cash flow in order to avoid the necessity of such a sale.

To illustrate this savings, while IRC 121 saves a maximum of 157,500 on a maximum gain of 500,000, there is no like maximum cap on a step-up-in-basis and every dollar of gain on top of the coco palms floor plan first 500,000 can receive a like savings.

So, assuming the real estate was purchased originally at 50,000 and it is now worth 4,000,000, and further assuming the decedent was in the highest possible tax bracket right before death, the family will save 1,260,000 in taxes by selling post-death. Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax Deductions: It’s true that if you make less money you pay less income tax. Yet, making less money is poor tax planning because the result is still that you have less money in your pocket and while you got the taxman you also hurt yourself. Instead, proper planning is to make a lot of money while limiting the amount of money that is taxable. Deductions from taxable gross income create this legal fiction (i.e., you make more real money than your taxable dollars). One of the best means to create this legal fiction is through deductions from income for the mortgage interest that you pay. Applicable to both first and second homes, deductions are itemized on Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, Schedule A. According to the IRS, “[u]sually, you can deduct the entire part of your payment that is for mortgage interest”, except if your “total mortgage balance is more than1 million” or your mortgage wasn’t taken “to buy, build, or improve your home.” Like mortgage interest tax deductions, real estate taxes can also be deducted from your gross income for income tax purposes. To learn more, read IRS Publication 530. While tax deductions don’t offer the same pop value in immediate money saved as compared with capital gains taxes, they are available year-over-year and those numbers truly add up over time.

Adapted from this Dan’s Papers post.

Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services.

Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services announced the following sales:

* Plaza 15, a 117,086 s/f retail property at 7495 West Branch Highway, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, sold for $3,000,000. Joseph C. French, Jr. senior director of the National Retail Group, and Schuyler Boylan, an sssociate in White Plains office, represented the seller, a financial institution that is liquidating all of its assets. The buyer, a value-added developer, was secured and represented by Joseph French. Spencer Yablon, Broker of Record in the Philadelphia office assisted in the closing.

* Starbucks, a 1,650 s/f net leased property at 2441 Watt Street, Schenectady, NY, sold for $1,110,000 and a cap rate of 7.57 percent. Preet Sabharwal and Britt Raymond in Manhattan office, represent the seller, a private investor. The buyer, an equity fund, was secured and represented by Preet Sabharwal.

* Shamokin Plaza, a 97,954 s/f retail property located at 1400 State Route 61, Shamokin, Pennsylvania, sold for $425,000.


Joseph French sims urban oasis showflat and Schuyler Boylan, represented the seller, a financial institution that is liquidating all of its assets. Spencer Yablon assisted in the closing of this transaction.

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